What we can learn from them

email-marketing-from-tree-frog-internationalWell, our organic products may be some of the coolest on the market, but have you noticed your online sales slumping? Worse, has your e-commerce failed to take off altogether?

Perhaps the problem is the ambiance of your website, or lack thereof. When marketing organic food, personal care products, clothing, etc, it’s important to remember that your audience is savvy and seeking an elevated customer experience.

Take Motherlove, for example. It’s a 20-year-old company specializing in holistic, organic body care products for babies, pregnant women and breastfeeding.

Using environmentally friendly marketing, such as an electronic press kit, is only a fraction of what Motherlove does to create an online ambiance. Entering this site feels like walking into a lavender-scented, holistic store stocked with therapeutic oils and balms, books, information and even a library of plants and herbs and their healing properties. It seems less like a website aiming to make a buck and more like a warm, comforting atmosphere.

Follow in Motherlove’s footsteps by adapting some of their innovative marketing tools. Highlight your products, but also offer up information about ingredients. Educate your customers. Tout your recycled packaging and where appropriate, provide background on company employees and their organic experiences.

How would you pull your customers in? Go beyond a simple product photo and price listing. Elevate your website’s character. Arrange your site as if each visitor warranted a face-to-face interaction. Appeal to their intelligence, quest for knowledge and expectation of a warmer, more welcoming online shopping experience.

Part 2

BABYBEARSHOP, founded by a mother of two in 2005, offers organic skin products for babies, kids and moms. As a mom of kids with allergies, the founder’s goal was to develop products that were pure, organic and gentle to the skin, while also being kind to the environment.

Fulfilling her environmental goal was as simple as employing green marketing strategies through effective online marketing. She never earned an MBA degree or so and would that matter?

This site is clean and smart and it is easy to see why they are successful.  

At www.babybearshop.com, the company’s mission is evident through the plethora of information available about its organic products, but also through its green online marketing.

Innovative marketing tools such as an extensive blog, recipes and promotional videos pepper the entire site, as well as click-through buttons to BABYBEARSHOP’s organic product industry affiliations and accolades. Also highlighted are the company’s Facebook and Twitter pages. 

Adding a Newsletter or Blast would intensify the company’s marketing efforts, and while the current plan provides a solid platform for a company seeking to brand itself as “green” and “environmentally-friendly”, keeping up with loyal customers is a huge plus.

Part 3

As you know, I am a huge proponent of proactive and strategic thinking!  We talk about marketing Farmers Markets and how important it is to stay ahead of the curve.  Well how is this for a curve, massive blizzards all over the southeast spreading up to the northeast, crazy rains in Oregon, more snow in Las Vegas.  The last of which is likely the biggest curve but overall, is it me, or has the weather this year has been a bit strange.  

So you plan to hit your weekly market, your customers are expecting you to be there, and the market does not open because of weather.  Now, you can wait until next week, or next month, depending on your local situation or, you can send out an eBlast and sell your product anyway.  

Effective online marketing is not just about showing up and sending an email every once in awhile, although those two things definitely help.  But to be ready, proactive, strategic, think about how to sell during the week, in bad weather, when it is just plain cold.  Build your market share, your customer base, and make it so solid, your customers don’t just know how to get in touch with you, they know you will be in touch with them.