Small Business Owner Wants An MBA Degree. Does it Matter?

download-62It’s Sunday morning and I am working, clearing out emails and reading a few too.  One of my favorite daily emails is from Seth Godin.  Everything he says is succinct and yet still has the ability to make me think, usually for far longer than I want. 

This morning I wake up to his latest blog entitled, “Living with doubt… almost always more profitable than living with certainty”.  

How true.  As small business owners we are constantly faced with doubts, you don’t  believe what kind of ideas come to my mind when I am full of doubts.

Recently I though about getting MBA degree, so I would have a valid background. I did a proper research and I know it’s kind of pricey but there are also online MBA programs that don’t require GMAT and are more affordable. I found a few great websites that list MBA that are also included in top rankings. Can you imagine that you can get an MBA for less than 9K and you don’t need to pass any extra exam? 

I know an MBA degree is not making you successful if you are a small business owner but I think it can be helpful. Okay, now my other ideas.

The list of things on my plate for this snowy morning has question marks all over it.  I am constantly juggling so many things that I have found if I just stop, think and really strategize, even for 15 uninterrupted minutes, I can solve a small problem before it gets any bigger.  Ignore it and I get what I call a debacle!  Something that could have been prevented but I lost sight of the big picture.  

So as I stare down the last year I have already made some decisions.  Get the easy stuff off my plate, outsource where I can, hire great sales people who represent us well, and focus on the big picture.  Details are going to be handled by the great people I have surrounded myself with.  After all, isn’t that why I hired all of these smart people, so they can handle stuff!!!

Consider what you can do to outsource the stuff that bogs you down, gets in your way, holds you back yet, has to be done, and if writing your monthly eNewsletter or seeking out green marketing strategies happens to be on your list, I know exactly who you should talk to!! Effective email marketing is your future.  

Part 2

So you lost your job and now you will follow your dream of making pies and selling them at the Farmer’s Market!  I get it.  You have a great pie recipe and once people taste it, they will never look at that other pie maker again!  

Thing is, you are a bit behind the curve on this one.  See, that “other pie maker” has been doing this the whole time you were sitting in a cubicle and she has a mailing list of people she emails each week, she sends out a monthly eNewsletter and tells her loyal following where she will be and what’s coming out of the oven.  

What do you have but a great pie?  Start out smart and get those email addresses.  Organic business advertising and marketing is not difficult, and it does not have to be time consuming.  Whether you are organic or not, think organic, as in organic, natural and viral.  The more people hear about you, the better chance they become loyal pie eating friends.

You don’t have to have a website to have effective online marketing.  Get your addresses, get your template and get your oven fired up!  You can do this!!

Be relevant…no problem, right? I’ll email my customers and contacts about this weeks specials, the new product hitting my shelves next week, basically give them all kinds of information about me.

This is a good strategy, some of the time. Informing your customers about your business with news, events and promotions is important but for an effective online marketing strategy that grows your customers and therefore your business, it’s as important (if not more important) that you dedicate some of your email correspondence to topics not directly related to your business.

You’re green, organic, all natural — and fortunately for you, there’s lots of great things to talk about. News, tips, articles, how-to’s, the list goes on and on. Be a resource to your contacts, give them information that not only they will appreciate but that they may pass along to friends who they think will also appreciate a useful bit of information about “organic alternatives to over the counter medicines”, for example. Now your contacts are marketing for you!